Water Damage  Restoration Los Angeles

Water damage is a major cause of loss of property, the related expenses and the repair process may or may not be covered by an insurance policy. Effects of water damage include the rotting of wood, mold and bacteria growth, steel rusting, structural damage, and deteriorating building materials. That is why we focus on a comprehensive inspection, water extraction and mold testing to provide you with the best water damage restoration in Los Angeles. 

Extensive water damage to your property may result from natural disasters like storms and floods, while sewer backups, broken water supply lines, roof leaks, broken pipes, or plumbing leaks are the primary causes of water damage.

Microorganisms that cause chronic health problems grow in sewage and flood waters that surge into the residence during storms, which makes this situation that much more dangerous.

Water damage can be disastrous, but timely action will help you reduce property damage. Contact Full Restoration Service to begin your water restoration process immediately, in order to minimize the impact on your property. Our company specializes in water mitigation and water damage cleanup using advanced tools and equipment.

Our technicians will assess and contain the source of water to prevent further damage before starting the emergency water damage restoration in your Los Angeles home.

Flooded living room before water damage restoration

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

The process of water damage restoration starts with an assessment and concludes with restoring your home to its initial condition. Every stage of our water damage restoration process ensures that all water is extracted and contaminants are correctly identified and eliminated.

Our thorough restoration service consists of:

Mold inspection for water damage restoration

Inspection and Assessment

Before paying for the repairs, some insurance companies demand a professional inspection. Our water damage restoration experts will conduct a thorough assessment of the property. We use moisture detectors, hygrometers, and moisture scourers, to estimate the water damage repairs the property will require. Our inspectors will locate the water source, stop the water leaks, and determine the bodies of water contaminant levels.

Our specialists will classify the damage under one of the four classes of water damage. Residential water damage is classified into four categories, from Class 1(minimum) to Class 4. Following an inspection, we will provide you with an accurate quote and estimate of the time needed to restore your property. Water damage restoration in Los Angeles made easy!

Water Extraction

Standing water must be removed immediately, as it can cause additional water damage. Water extraction is crucial when dealing with a flooded basement since the presence of standing water causes the development of mildew and mold.

Standing clean water in affected areas is far less of a risk if the water is from a water heater or washing machine. We use commercial-grade extractors to remove large amounts of water during the water damage mitigation process. We will carry out further inspections after removing the standing water. This is done to detect hidden excess moisture.

Water extraction machines
Drying and Dehumidifying

Drying and Dehumidifying

Our professionals will start structural drying and dehumidifying the property after the water has been physically removed. We use industrial-quality air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out things that still contain water or could not be accessed during extraction.

Our water remediation specialists will monitor moisture levels in the affected regions’ walls and flooring. We can dry out your property in a matter of days with the proper water damage restoration plan and equipment.

Mold Testing/Remediation

When there has been water damage, the chances of mold beginning to grow and spread increase. Mold and bacterial growth pose a severe health risk. Mold and mildew begin to develop in damp areas of your property within 24 to 48 hours of water damage, and mold won’t stop spreading unless the source of moisture is removed.

Full Restoration Service company applies antimicrobials to stop the spread of mold damage and eliminate any mold spores already present. We will conduct mold tests to ensure that no concealed growth or mold spores are present in the air. We use air filtration tools and extensive treatment techniques for mold removal and prevention of further chances of mold growth.

Mold Testing/Remediation in water damage restoration
Complete restoration

Complete Restoration

Our experts restore your house to as close to its pre-damage condition as possible during the restoration process. Materials that have been permanently damaged or removed will be repaired or replaced. Restoration projects can be simple or complex depending on the extent of the lasting damage, but with our help, you can rest assured the situation will be addressed with the highest quality.

Sometimes restoration includes minor fixes like drywall or carpet cleaning. In other cases, considerable restoration work requires the entire reconstruction of parts of the building. We will begin construction to rebuild the removed building structure after conducting moisture tests to ensure it is dry. This could include drywall, installing wood floors, electricity, and plumbing.

Contact Full Restoration Service for Water Damage Mitigation

Full Restoration Service offers a comprehensive water damage restoration in Los Angeles services, including reconstruction and mold remediation. We can manage any water damage and restore your home to its pre-loss condition using advanced tools and the best measures. For a guaranteed comprehensive water damage restoration service, contact us at 213-574-1377