Fire Damage Restoration Los Angeles

We know firsthand what a difficult situation it is to have a fire at your home or commercial property, which is why we are here to help, providing fire damage restoration services in Los Angeles.

Black smoke and fire can cause extensive property damage. The fire can produce corrosive byproducts if it burns chemicals, building materials, or hazardous materials. These corrosive byproducts, combined with soot and smoke, cause catastrophic damage to surfaces and furniture.

Fire incidents result in structural damage, overpowering smoke and soot odor, loss of personal property, and water damage from putting out the fire.

Full Restoration Service company ensures the recovery of as much property as possible by providing an efficient emergency response that promptly stabilizes the building. Our fire damage restoration service includes smoke and soot damage cleanup, water damage restoration, and odor removal. You can count on our services throughout all of Los Angeles, in neighborhoods such as Glendale, Pasadena and West Hollywood.

House that needs fire damage restoration

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

We use various fire damage restoration strategies depending on the property type, the fire damage’s extent, the fire’s duration, and the damage situation. Here’s our process:

House with fire damage been inspected


After confirming the property is safe to enter, we will assess the fire damage and water damage resulting from extinguishing the fire. The inspection process involves assessing how far the smoke, soot, and fire have penetrated the structure.

We will also assess the contents inside the property to determine what fire-damaged material should be discarded and restored. At the end of a thorough assessment, we will create a detailed scope for the damage restoration process. Our technicians will develop an ideal action plan to counter the damage and formulate a cost estimate.

Inventory of contents

It is essential to create an inventory of all affected contents because fire damage remediation is frequently handled as part of an insurance claim. This also guarantees that no items are lost or neglected during the removal, cleaning, and return processes.

We use a detailed inventory program to categorize contents according to their location and whether or not they can be cleaned and recovered. We can then quote a cost for the remediation of recoverable items, and you can claim insurance for any nonrecoverable products.

Living room after fire damage
House debris by fire damage

Securing property & debris removal

A fire outbreak can destroy a property’s roof, doors, and windows, leaving the property vulnerable. We will erect fencing around the property and clear the area of debris and boards or tarping over any gaps in the building. This is to protect the property from further harm and the elements. To prevent cross-contamination, any portions of the property spared from the fire are sealed off from the affected regions.

Our Effective Fire Damage Restoration Process

Water damage cleanup and restoration

Water from putting out the fire or from a plumbing leak or rupture brought on by the fire can flood the property. In these situations, our fire damage restoration professionals will assist in identifying the moisture source and resolving it. The surplus water will then be pumped out using submersible pumps and other water extraction gear.

Extracting the water and deep cleaning the area will help prevent health risks caused by contaminated water. After this, we will dry the affected areas. Our fire damage restoration teams use advanced drying and dehumidification equipment to stop mold growth and other problems.

Water cleanup in house after fire damage
Soot in house after fire damage

Soot and smoke damage cleanup

The residue of fire includes harmful soot contamination and pervasive smoke odors. Even if a fire was contained and swiftly put out, soot and smoke damage can still be severe. Soot residue can cause discoloration of appliances, formation of rust, and coloring of walls.

Our team will utilize powerful vacuum and air scrubbers for effective soot and smoke damage cleanup. We properly clean surfaces that may have soot or other contaminants. We will employ a mix of pressure washing, vacuuming, clean water rinsing, and several chemical wipe-downs to clean your surfaces.

Odor removal

Even after a thorough initial cleanup, the smoke odor is an unpleasant scent that may still be present on your fire-damaged property. Here at Full Restoration Service, we use an ozone generator to create an oxidizing agent to neutralize the stench.

Within hours or days, our ozone and hydroxyl generators will eliminate the smoke’s foul smell, speeding up the recovery process. Your property’s structural components can also absorb the smell of smoke after a fire. If the smoke odors have penetrated the property structure, we use the thermal fogging technique to reopen pores and eliminate odors.

Odor removal process after fire damage
House after fire damage restoration process

Comprehensive Fire Damage Restoration Solutions in Los Angeles

The last step is to make any necessary structural repairs or rebuild any areas damaged by the fire. During the initial evaluation after a fire, certain aspects of the building might not be salvageable, necessitating their removal and replacement.

Complete restoration could involve changing and painting the drywall, changing the interior countertops and fixtures, rebuilding and changing the roof, replacing electrical wiring, changing the flooring, etc. We will develop the right restoration procedure depending on each particular case to provide you with the best fire damage restoration in Los Angeles.

Contact Full Restoration Service for Fire Damage Restoration Services

Here at Full Restoration Service, we perform highly complex fire damage restoration projects in Los Angeles quickly, maintaining our high-quality standards, while making sure your safety is our top priority. Our certified personnel have advanced training in extensive fire damage restoration. We use innovative technological equipment and tools to restore your property as closely as possible to its pre-fire condition. In the event of fire damage, contact Full Restoration Service to save your building from further structural damage and health risks.