Mold Remediation Los Angeles

Mold can grow rapidly in dark and humid crawl spaces on your property. Basements, kitchens, HVAC storage spaces, air vents, and air-conditioning systems are typical locations for mold growth. The major concern about mold is that the full extent of the growth is often concealed and requires professional treatment for complete removal and to prevent a recurrence. It also poses a health risk for anyone that comes into contact with it, which is why taking care of the problem should be a top priority.

Our mold remediation services in Los Angeles provides a comprehensive assessment of the situation and an affordable removal process in all Los Angeles neighborhoods, like Venice, West Hollywood, and Koreatown.   

Wall in need of a mold remediation process.

Our Mold Remediation Process

Here at Full Restoration Service, we implement effective measures to eliminate the growth of mold in residential and commercial buildings:

Mold inspection for remediation

Thorough Assessment

We begin by inspecting the infected area. Given that mold typically grows in damp environments, our technicians use moisture meters to locate the source of moisture that is enhancing mold growth. Once the team is certain of the presence of mold and damage, they begin developing an appropriate plan for removing it.

Mold Testing

Then will conduct mold tests. We will collect samples from the air, visible mold growth, and surfaces during the mold testing procedure to determine the types of mold and the extent of the contamination. The thorough inspection, mold assessment, and testing determine which remediation techniques and safe cleaning chemicals to use.

Hyssop for mold remediation testin

Benefits of Professional Mold Remediation in Los Angeles

Here at Full Restoration Service you will find the expertise provided by professionals for mold remediation in Los Angeles:

Mold remediation containment process

Mold Containment

Our mold remediation professionals isolate the contaminated area after addressing the source of moisture. We use plastic sheeting to cover all unaffected walls and rooms to protect the remainder of your property from cross-contamination. We will remove all moldy surfaces and mold-affected building materials, including drywall, carpets, insulation, and others. Visible traces like dust and debris removed during the restoration procedure will be eliminated using a HEPA vacuum cleaner or a damp wiper.

HEPA Vacuuming and Air Filtration/ Scrubbing

Indoor mold spores can easily spread in the air during mold remediation. So, it is necessary to use proper ventilation and clean the air and the contaminated space. We use negative air machines, industrial-grade HEPA vacuums, and air filtration systems to cleanse the air and eliminate airborne contaminants during toxic mold cleanup. Our HEPA filters are designed to catch different kinds of mold spores. Using advanced equipment, we ensure that mold spores, dust, and other airborne debris are removed from the air conditioner, ductwork, and HVAC system.

Man scrubbing the wall for mold remediation
Man sanitizing a house for mold remediation

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Our technicians clean with a special brush and wipes using detergent, diluted hydrogen peroxide, and antimicrobial treatment to remove mold from non-porous materials. This cleaning process is where the most hazardous spores are released into the air. For this reason, our specialists will be outfitted in personal protective equipment as a primary health safety measure, even for small mold remediation projects.

Drying and Post-Clearance Testing

Our mold specialists use industrial fans, dryers, and dehumidifiers to completely dry the area, preventing the recurrence of mold growth. After drying, the area will be inspected by our certified mold removal specialist. They’ll look for humidity, moisture levels, and visual indicators to ensure the mold issue is permanently resolved. We will also examine samples of airborne mold spores both within and outside the property. Clearance testing verifies successful mold remediation and that the remediated areas are safe for construction and habitation.

Man testing after mold remediation

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At Full Restoration Service, providing trustworthy and credible results is our top priority. We offer prompt mold restoration services in Los Angeles to reduce health hazards, and our mold professionals will advise you on how to prevent its recurrence. You can click here to contact us and get your mold situation under control, you can also send us an email at [email protected] or call us at 213-574-1377. Our team of experts will get your property back to normal in no time.